Ford EcoSport Has The Features You Have Asked For

The public has long demanded certain features from modern vehicles, and the people at Ford are listening. The Ford EcoSport has some technology features that we want to look at today.

MyKey- This is a special feature unique to the Ford EcoSport. It helps keep teenagers safer on the road by making it impossible for them to break certain restrictions set on their driving ahead of time by the adult owners of the vehicle.

Cross Traffic Alerts- You need to know when there are hazards in your blind spot. The only way to really do this is to have an alert that informs you of the danger and makes sure you respond appropriately. Thus, the cross traffic alerts are just what you require.

Voice Activation- You can control numerous features on your Ford EcoSport with the use of voice activation. This special technology makes it easier than ever for you to take care of what you need to without lifting your hands from the wheel.



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