Smarts Equals Intelligence: The All-New Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is one of the most sought-after, mid-size pickups trucks. This particular vehicle has a long history of automotive excellence, and it has been able to successfully evolve with the times. The F-150 is loaded to the max with technological features, and this article will go over a few.

To start things off, the F-150 has been implemented with a boat-load of driver-assisted technologies. These technologies are designed to keep you secure while traveling as well as provide the best possible quality of ride. Its Pre-Collison Assist technology scans the highway ahead of time and will detect any possible hazards. This is smart technology at its finest. FordPass Connect is another huge advancement as it provides in-vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot. In addition to that, this Wi-Fi feature is 4G LTE.

Our Ford F-150s are waiting for a new owner, but you'll need to come and stop by our location. If you're lucky, we'll definitely give vehicle enthusiasts a test drive.



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