The Capable Ford Super Duty

When you're searching for a new truck, what features are most important to you? If it's strength and capability, take a look at the new Ford Super Duty. This highly sought-after heavy-duty pickup truck is built from the frame up to help you out on the toughest of jobs. The truck is available to drivers at Apple Ford Lincoln Apple Valley.

The frame of the Super Duty is strategically engineered to give you the best performance possible. It is made out of over 95 percent high-strength steel. Not only that, but it takes on a fully-boxed design. The steel is incredibly tough and rigid.

Despite its strength, Ford has managed to cut the truck's overall body weight by about 350 pounds. They also made the frame 24 times stiffer. This innovative design supports up to 7,640 pounds in the bed. It also allows the truck to tow upwards of 21,000 pounds on the road.



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