Apple Ford Lincoln Apple Valley Has Been Blown Away by the Tech Features in the Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is here, and it comes with all sorts of tech features you may want to check out. This midsize truck is one of Ford's most popular models, and now there is even more reasons to consider it.

Pre-Collision System

Safety has been taken to the next level. You probably didn't think that driving around Apple Valley could be safer than it is now, but be ready to be surprised. The pre-collision system alerts you if it senses you are getting too close to another car. This is almost like a superpower, and it is yours when you purchase the Ranger.

Blind Spot

Being warned that there is a vehicle in your blind spot could be helpful, and that is what the BLIS system offers. This is yet another superpower feature that you can find in the Ranger, and it can keep you and others safe. You know how easy it is to miss a vehicle in your blind spot, but now you can drive a little more peacefully knowing that this system has your back.

These are some things you'll enjoy on a test drive when you find the right Ranger in our inventory.



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